Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recap on my picks from 5 years ago

So i was going through some of the old blog posts earlier today and I must say I am a little impressed with myself.  Most of these posts were from 2009.  SIRI, Sirius Satellite Radio I said buy when it was just under a dollar and facing delisting from Nasdaq, and that when it surpasses the dollar mark it would take off.  It is at 3.79 and it surpassed the 4 dollar mark a couple months ago.  AZZ, AZZ Incorporated I said was a buy and since that post it is up over 250%.  Ford I couldn't buy enough of at under 4 per share and i estimated 15 per share and it's there now.  Ok, enough tooting my own horn here are a couple for the future.  I am really liking XIN, it just dropped to under 5 dollars.  I think we will see it go to 8, possibly 10 dollars in the next couple years.  NBG, another one I think we will see gradually increasing.  For the long term I wouldn't be surprised to see it go from the 6 dollar range to over 20 dollars possibly more depending on how long you are willing to wait.  I think AZZ is still a good bet, it's continually growing and not afraid to invest in expanding the reach in their market.  SRCE, 1st Source Bank is another one with a bright future.  They have recently seen a boom in the price so I wouldn't buy just yet.  But when the price rebounds to around 28 dollars I would buy and expect it to climb back to 35 dollars or more.  I am going to be looking forward to reviewing this post in a couple years to see if I nailed it too, but relax, I am confident it will be close.  Thanks for reading, and subscribe for future updates.

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