Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stocks of interest in 2014

Looking ahead to the new year brings speculation as to which market segment will prevail as the best investment choice. I have a couple I would like to share today. First I will start with NBG - National Bank of Greece. I think this one we see marginal increases throughout 2014 but will be a good one to hang onto for the years to come. Not a get rich quick stock, but one to keep for the long term. The Greek economy shows signs of improvement and NBG has stated some interesting tactics to reduce expenses and increase revenue. Keep an eye on this one this year. Second is XIN - Xinyuan Real Estate. They build apartment complexes in middle sized asian cities and as of right now have a good P/E ratio and a positive looking future. XIN is currently 5.49 and I wouldn't be surprized to see over 7.00 in 2014. So on a recap NBG I would buy under $6.00, and same for XIN buy under $6.00. I have a sell order at $7.50 for XIN (picked it up a little over $5.00) and am holding onto NBG for a while.

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